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Studying Japanese at 500 Yen per hour in Kyoto.

I know, it sounds crazy, so much so that you will almost feel cheated after all the money you spent on your intensive Japanese course, but I’ll tell you more. What if I told you that you can also study Japanese in Kyoto for only 100¥ an hour? No, I’m not kidding, I did it and when I can, family and work permitting, I still do it. There are actually many places where it is possible to do this in Kyoto, but my favorite and the one I highly recommend is called Kokoka, Kyoto International Community Center. The place is located in a really convenient Area called Keage and offer the possibility to borrow for free while you are inside their own library Japanese textbook in many languages (I was surprise to find Italian language too). If studying alone is not for you, perhaps the most efficient way is to try with a personal teacher, in the bulletin board at the entrance you can find advertisements of mother tongue teachers or contact the secretariat to have one assigned to you who will teach you privately at 500 yen per hour. The third way, also very popular for making new friends, is to join a group lesson at the cost of 100 Yen per hour. Lessons take place from Tuesday to Friday 2 or 3 times a day. You can view it here:

Last but not least…. Groliving Kyoto! If for you is enough the school that you already book, you really need a privacy that only a private apartment can offer you but you also would love to be surround by people to have a chance to improve what you are learning Groliving is the best option for you. A private studio apartment close to your school but with a common room where you can have a nice talk session every time you want and even practice your Japanese by using board games. Learning while having fun is always the best way. For more information check the Groliving page!


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