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Our Mission:

We have a Dream!

Well, yes! Like Martin Luther King, we also have a dream, but to explain it to you, let me tell you this anecdote that can make you better understand the purpose of our project:


During a visit to NASA headquarters, then President of the United States of America John Fitzgerald Kennedy came across a janitor intent on sweeping the ground. When the President turned to him asking him what the attendant was doing, the attendant replied proudly, "I'm helping the man to go to the moon!"


In our opinion, the moral of this story is that each of us who aspires to a life full of meaning must pursue our own goals, contributing to a greater result. The change that Martin Luther King also spoke of is made up of many small steps that we do not necessarily have to take alone, but that each of us, once we have received the call, is required to take.


Now, clearly we are not of the caliber of Martin Luther King nor of characters like him who have changed the world for the better, but if we can't be like them, we want to at least be like the janitor. In our own small way, even if in an apparently insignificant way, Groma wants to contribute to building a better world and wants to do it through what we do best: empathizing with our clients, creating conscious living experiences, and encouraging our guests to conquer life outside our buildings. We want to plant the seeds of awareness in their minds, sprouting as soon as possible, and leading them to the path of creating a better world.


Here. This is our project. But what about the Dream? Yes, I know, we are incurable romantics, but no matter how insignificant our contribution may be, we* dream of the day when some of our former customers deliver speeches at a retreat of the Nobel Laureate and will thank, among various excellent contributors, Andrea and Mayumi for making them GroLivers when they had not yet understood which path to take for their own lives!


You say we are exaggerating?


“If you have built castles in the air, your work has not been wasted. And now put the foundations on it! "


                                                                                 Henry David Thoreau

* In reality, only Andrea thinks in this way. Mayumi continues to laugh at all this!

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