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GroLiving Kyoto
Fun, private, medium stay fully furnished apartments in the heart of Kyoto.

Probably your best first step in Kyoto.


GroLiving (pronounced "grow living") brings coliving to the next level. We are a hybrid space for travelers of all kinds. Digital nomads, remote workers, and students will enjoy the seclusion of a private apartment, the social atmosphere of a hostel, and the comfort of a hotel.

You’ll find GroLiving on the main street Kawaramachi-Dori, in a stunning location with quick access to the Kamo River and within walking distance of all the main attractions. You don’t need a train anymore!


From the GroLiving rooftop, you`ll take in views of the great Kannon statue and the historic Kiyomizu-dera temple anytime you like.

GroLiving Kyoto: Camere e suite

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One  Building, three atmospheres

Groliving is a building with three atmospheres: a common room for sharing experiences with other guests, a terrace for relaxation and meditation, and your own mini apartment with everything you need for full autonomy. 

GroLiving Kyoto: Testo

Why different

We are digital nomads. Having lived for a year in an Australian campervan, we knew what it would take to design the perfect living space.
On the road, we learned that to stay sharp, one must enjoy a separate environment for every mode of life. The bed in which you sleep should not be the same place in which you relax to watch a movie. The desk where you study or work should not be the table at which you eat. All of our actions need dedicated spaces to grow our creativity and maximize our productivity. That’s why in addition to a comfortable bed, every Groliving apartment is furnished with a sofa, work desk, and dining table.

GroLiving Kyoto: Testo

Hassle Free

When it comes to business, we firmly believe in transparency. The price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees. No extra fees. No initial fees. No cleaning fees.  No Internet fees. No insurance fees (insurance is already included in the cost). Even the washing machine is free to us. The only extra will be the purchase of sheets, towels, pillows and blankets that we cannot provide by government law. However, we can recommend you a linen rental company, an amazon link where you can buy a set that can go from ¥5,000 to ¥10,000 depending on the quality, or buy everything for you from Nitori, in our opinion the best shop in terms of value for money. When you leave, these things will remain your property

Residence OK

One of the main problem you will face when looking for accommodation on Airbnb or similar is that it is not allowed to register as a resident, but if you are a student or a worker with a special visa you need to be allowed to use this accommodation as a residential place to put on my residence card. At GroLiving this is possible.

GroLiving Kyoto: Testo


Don't underestimate the old saying time is money. Arriving in a new city for study or work and having to spend weeks looking for the right apartment can take weeks and sometimes even months. Then they must be furnished and connected to water, electricity, gas and internet. GroLiving Kyoto takes you out of this problem right away. Furnished apartments in the central area. Perfect for you.


Before building Groliving, we were (and still are) world travelers, remote workers, minimalists, and Airbnb superhosts with 10+ years of verified experience. We've thought of every detail. Despite the central location a Foldable bike will be provided for free too!

Share room

Private  apartments


Features that you gonna love

There are some details that will probably make a difference during your stay in Kyoto but that you probably haven't noticed yet, and we are here to remind you with this brief overview:


Keyless. all doors open with a code, so you do not run the risk of losing your keys and you will be freer during your runs along the river!

Hob with 2 burners

Hob with 2 burners instead of 1. To make a good pasta you need to heat the water and cook a good sauce at the same time. Don't forget I'm Italian!

Memory Shower mixer

This upgrade will be useful especially in winter. Once you've found your ideal temperature, you won't have to worry about it anymore. Just open the water and it will already drop to the temperature you have selected, saving you time and water!

Thick Walls

Double-walled and non-adjoining rooms. You will especially appreciate this feature when you are video calling with friends and family in the most unthinkable hours of the night knowing that you will not be disturbing anyone's sleep.

Famiglie che comunicano tramite videochiamate
Double glasses

Double glasses. No more condensation dripping from the windows during the winter!

Foldable bike

Despite the central position we believe that  a foldable light  bike will be a plus for your  daily ride along the river.I Enjoy it!

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Groliving has inside 5 mini apartments with 2 types of price in relation to the square footage. Prices are inclusive of everything. Water, electricity, gas, internet, cleaning fee, building insurance, linen and household utensils rental. We only require an advance monthly payment to be paid together with the first monthly payment which will be refunded in full if there is no damage to the return of the apartment.

Apartment 101
Size:  16.5 square meters

Ground floor apartment. The only apartment in the building with a French door instead of a window. Useful for hanging laundry outdoors without leaving the apartment.

  • Easy access

  • Silent

  • ​Private balcon

  • No view

Apartments 201 - 301
Size:  16.5 square meters

Second and third floor apartments. Both faces on an internal road therefore very quiet. If the traffic noise bothers you, especially during the day, those apartments are right for you.

  • Very quiet

  • A little smaller than 202 - 302

Apartments 202 - 302
Size:  18 square meters

Second and third floor apartments. Both faces on Kawaramachi road which is mean very nice view but a little noisy during the day due of traffic. If you don't mind and you prefer a bigger place with a better view those apartments are right for you.

  • Bigger apartments

  • ​Nicer view

  • ​Traffic noisy during the day



Thanks to GroLiving's central Kyoto location, you will never need public transportation in your daily life. Supermarkets, bars, and beautiful scenery are all around you. You will be a two-minute walk from the Kamo River and a five-minute walk from the Imperial Palace, elevating your Kyoto experience exponentially.

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