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​Travelers, former Digital Nomads, Remote Workers and foreign language students abroad with a  strong passion for real estate we have created the accommodations where we would have liked to stay.

​If you need an apartment really close to your Japanese language school in Kyoto  or the city center we have probably the best one for you.



                                                                             We have a dream!


Well yes! Like Martin Luther King we also have a dream, but to explain it to you, let me tell you this anecdote that can make you better understand the purpose of our project:


“During a visit to NASA headquarters, then President of the United States of America John Fitzgerald Kennedy came across a cleaner intent on sweeping the ground. When the President turned to him asking him what the attendant was doing he replied proudly: - "I'm helping the man to go to the moon!"


In our opinion, the moral of this story is that each of us if he wants to aspire to a life full of meaning must pursue his own goal, contributing to a greater result. The change that Martin Luther King also spoke of is made up of many small steps that we do not necessarily have to take alone, but that each of us, once we have received the call, is required to take.


Now, clearly we are not of the caliber of Martin Luther King nor of characters like him who have contributed to change the world for the better, but if we can't be like them we want to at least be like the cleaner. In his own small way, even if in an apparently insignificant way, Groma wants to contribute to building a better world, and he wants to do it through what he does best, empathize with his clients and create living experiences that help them get out of his structures, if not improve at least with the seed of awareness in your womb so that it can sprout within them as soon as possible and lead them to the first step to create a better collectivity.


Here, this is our project. But the Dream instead? Yes I know, we are incurable romantics but no matter how insignificant our contribution may be, we dream (in reality only Andrea, Mayumi continues to laugh at all this!) The day when some of our former customers during his speech delivered at the retreat of the Nobel laureate will thank, among the various excellences, also Andrea and Mayumi for making him a GroLivers when he had not yet understood which path to take for his own life!


You say we are exaggerating?


“If you have built castles in the air, your work has not been wasted. And now put the foundations on it! "


                                                                                 Henry David Thoreau



Sakura River Inn

Short stay apartments in Kyoto

Recently elected as one of the 10 most popular destinations in Japan in 2020 by Airbnb, Sakura River Inn is a traditional Japanese apartment originally inhabited by a Geisha located directly on the banks of Takase river, overlooking of the famous walk among the cherry blossoms of Kiyamachi street. 5 minutes by walk from Pontocho, Nishiki Market, Gion and Higashiyama. 650 meters from Takashimaya Department and Marui witch is mean perfect location for shopping too. we will welcome you personally and optimize your time together advising you what to see and how to get there.35 square meters. Perfect for 2 people. Enough for 3 people. Bit smaller for 4 people, especially in case of 2 couples looking for privacy. Family of 4 will be totally fine.


GroLiving Kyoto

Medium Stay in Kyoto

Our new project which we are most proud of. A completely new building consisting of 5 studio apartments complete with everything plus a common area on the first floor where you can practice your Japanese while playing with other students like you and a terrace where you can relax between one study session and another. 2 steps from the Kamogawa River and the Imperial Palace. Probably the best student project in Kyoto. It is such a new project that the photos will only be available soon. Feel free to ask us anything you need in the meantime.

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