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Shutter Island 1080p Ita 14




Chapter 2: The Death House Inspector Mason, Mia, and Lieutenant Echevarria board the ship and fly back to the US in order to bring Teddy and his father home. Upon landing, the family reunites in the Echevarria's home in the Bronx, where Echevarria informs them that neither Ted nor Catherine was on board the ship. Meanwhile, Echevarria's partner, Detective Guzman, arrives to speak to the family and finds Mia with a few scratches on her arm. He tells her that the bruises on her hand are likely from the attack on the dock. Back on the island, in the ship's brig, Leon reveals to Mia that he is The Warden and that the tattoo is his way of identifying the people who work for him. He explains that he is not simply the leader of the Cult; rather, he's a demon. He says that he has been on the island for over three years, during which time he has killed hundreds of people. In fact, the first person he killed was her father. Chapter 3: The Darkest Day The prison guards search for Ted. They finally find him unconscious in the brig. Mia notices that he is dripping with blood and gets the guards to take him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Mia and Echevarria interview the ship's crew. The ship's captain, Glenn, says that they had spent the last month in Madagascar and that there was nothing strange about the ship being full of people with the tattoo. He adds that Ted was the only person with the tattoo on the ship. The crew begins to get suspicious when Mia mentions that she had heard about the cult earlier in the evening. The captain refuses to give them anything more. Chapter 4: The Prisoner Once Mia and Echevarria are back on the ship, Teddy's family enters the room and rushes over to him. They begin to yell at him for running away, and then Mia says that the tattoo must have something to do with what was happening. Teddy gets upset and replies that there's no explanation for what happened. On the island, the Warden and the cultists take Ted and Mia to the dark place where the tattoo is located. As soon as they enter, Mia realizes that something is wrong. She cries out to her father. Teddy begins to fight with the cultists. As Mia runs off, she is chased by Leon who tries to restrain her. He



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Shutter Island 1080p Ita 14

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